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“As a fitness professional who owns a gym as well as being a professional boxer. I get beat up by long days of training others and myself. I injured my back about 9 weeks ago while training for a bout. It was probably the worst injury I have sustained since I started fighting and my business 5 years ago. I have had many massage therapists but not one has come close to the level of skill Stephanie has. She gets into places that many cannot and is the main reason why I am already starting to train for my next bout. I trust her with the manipulation of my body’s anatomy and have never felt better. With her expertise my body is coming back stronger than ever and I am confident that I will be able to perform in spectacular fashion in my next bout as well as for my clients I train daily.”
-Brandon Montella, Professional Boxer and former US Marine (via Facebook)

“I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder.  The pain was so bad I couldn’t lift my arm, making basic self care tasks impossible.  Not only that, it was so painful I couldn’t sleep.  After a couple of months of PT with hardly any improvement, my doctor said I was going to need surgery.  I thought I would try massage as a last ditch attempt to avoid surgery.  After only 6 appointments over the course of 1 month I am now relatively pain free.  I highly recommend Stephanie.”
-Julie M.

“After 3 loonnng months of sciatic issues/back pain, completely inhibiting me from many “normal” activities, I am FINALLY feeling some measured improved relief!! Thank you Stephanie Moniuk and Game On Therapeutix for that awesome sciatic therapeutic work the other day. Although the next day I had so much relaxation and relief in that area, by the 2nd day I was able to walk around comfortably, doing my normal daily activities *without even thinking about my back pain*. Wow. Just wow! I am so grateful and can’t wait for my next appointment!”
-Linda M. (via Facebook)

“I had a great massage with Stephanie yesterday. I woke up today feeling lighter in my body and pain free in my hips. I highly recommend Game On Therapeutix to anyone in the Woburn area. Stephanie is a skilled, knowledgeable, and professional therapist. I will definitely be back soon.”
-Maria P. (via Facebook)

“Just had my first initial appt this past Sat with the talented and knowledgable miracleworker Stephanie Moniuk and I must say, she blew my mind. Having minimal knowledge of orthopedic massage, I assumed it was going to be similar to something Spa like with a touch of Chiropractic knowledge. I had been without my chiropractor for quite some time now, and in my search I was referred to try Miss Stephanie Moniuk out. I am extremely impressed with my overall experience. Stephanie proved herself to be very knowledgeable and experienced in this line of therapy. She was able to break everything down to me when I drilled her with questions about all her techniques in a very clear and logical and sincere manner. You can tell she enjoys what she does, and also believes in it as well. I came out of the session with a whole new outlook on orthopedic massage and was not only impressed with the quality of work, but also with the devoted and generous time and effort Stephanie tuned into alleviating much of what I have been suffering with for quite some time now. I highly recommend seeing Stephanie Moniuk if you are in need of alleviating any pain or discomfort due to any body ailments or injuries. Her method and approach is effective and worth checking into. Even if you don’t think there is hope, and have been diagnosed with some longstanding issue, she may help you discover alternative ways to target those problem areas. Believe me, i am one big fan of Game On Therapeutix.”
-Celine S. (via Facebook)

“We did a massage class with Stephanie, and I have to say, it far exceeded our expectations (not that we had low expectations, we just didn’t expect it to be as useful as it was). Stephanie came prepared with a laminated book flip cards with one technique per card. So we are actually able to go through the same routine after the fact, and get similar results. I won’t say we’re to the point where we’ve obviated the need of massages, but it definitely makes it so that the in-a-pinch massages are effective, rather than painful/ineffective. I would absolutely recommend this class to others, and Stephanie as a masseuse. She was great, both as instructor and masseuse.”
-Emily B. (via Learnivore)

“My name is Tom and I am 81 years old. At my age I have a lot of back and shoulder pain when I golf. Stephanie was giving free massages at the Patriot Golf Course at the VA so I thought I would give it a try. She massaged my back and my shoulders and I golfed 9 holes right after. I didn’t have any back or shoulder pain and I shot a 42, which was my best score all season!”
-Tom D.

“Soon after my daughter was born I began experiencing pain in my wrist and tingling in my arm.  It made sleeping and carrying my daughter very difficult.  I was afraid I had carpal tunnel syndrome and would need surgery.  After only 1 session the pain and tingling is gone!”
-Rachel B.

“Stephanie combines her amazing talent, knowledge and passion for healing into each session. It’s a truly awesome experience! She is able to quickly identify problem areas and then methodically tailors each treatment to target your problem areas with laser precision. I was recently having an issue with my lower back. Stephanie assessed the range of motion of my legs and as it turned out my hip was totally locked, and I had no idea! She was able to restore normal motion again in about two minutes! Back pain, gone! That’s just ONE example during a fraction of a treatment session that she was able to accomplish. I leave pain free and wake up feeling refreshed and energized the following day. I can’t say enough, you just have to experience it for yourself!”
-Lori P. (via Facebook)

“Wow! An amazing experience! Stephanie is a true professional! I sought treatment for piriformis syndrome after the pain in my hip and leg became unbearable. Stephanie explained everything before we started, reassuring me along the way, and leaving me feeling better than I had in months when she was done! Whether you’re looking for relief from general muscle tightness, or a specific medical problem, like mine, you are in good hands with Stephanie. Her therapeutic massage is a service beyond the spa experience, and puts you on a path to feeling better than ever! I highly recommend Game On Therapeutix! Thank you Stephanie!”
-Mary M. (via Facebook)

“Huge fan. The VA hospital looked at my neck for years. 45 mins and you fixed my neck. Full mobility, allowed me to run Bonefrog, and currently train. I mean it. THANK YOU.”
-Brian C., former US Marine (via Facebook)