It’s Not Going to Go That Way! The New Golf Ball Flight Laws.


I just read an article on about the new studies done with Doppler radar, FlightScope and Trackman.  The results show that the old golf ball flight laws are invalid.  Crazy, I know!

The New Golf Ball Flight Laws

  1. Curvature is created when the path of the club and the face angle of the club point in different directions at impact.
  2. When the path and the face are pointing in the same direction at impact, you can hit a pull, a straight shot, or a push depending on where the face and the path are pointing. The ball will not curve unless another force is acting upon it, such as wind, slopes, off-center hits, etc.
  3. The ball mostly starts in the direction of the face angle at IMPACT (green arrow).
  4. The clubface direction at ADDRESS does NOT control the face angle direction at impact, however, it can influence it.
  5. The ball curves away from your swing path (blue arrow).
  6. Divots do not tell you starting direction, true club path, angle of attack, curvature or exact lie angle. They are virtually worthless for you to use to determine what happened during impact.

Check out the article for more info.  You can find it here.

Happy golfing!


Study Shows Massage Heals Muscles!

Let the healing begin!

Let the healing begin!


I came across a study that I’d love to share with you because educated clients are the best kind of clients! You can go directly to the related articles linked below if you’d like. Or stick around, and I will do my best to outline the important points of this study.

How Massage Heals Muscles – The New York Times

Massage’s Mystery Mechanism Unmasked – Science

Now let’s talk about the study, which was published in Science Translational Medicine. It came about because Mark Tarnopolsky, a neurometabolic researcher at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, suffered a severe hamstring injury in a water skiing accident. The massage therapy he received did such a great job relieving his pain that was determined to find out why.

In the study, test subjects had a tissue sample taken from their quadriceps muscles (that’s the thigh muscle), and then participated in an intense cycling session. Ten minutes after their workout, one of their legs was massaged. Then researchers took two more tissue samples, one 10 minutes after the massage, and one 3 hours after the workout.  The genetic profiles of each sample were then compared.

There were clear differences in samples of the massaged legs vs. the un-massaged legs. The massaged legs had had three times less of NFkB, which turns on genes associated with inflammation. They also had 30% more of a gene called PGC-1alpha, which helps muscle cells build mitochondria. In case you forgot your biology, Mitochondria make energy. Mitochondria are often referred to as the powerhouses of the cells, as they generate the energy that our cells need to do their jobs. They are pretty important little buggers!

So what the heck does all this mean?

These results suggest that massage suppresses the inflammation that follows exercise while promoting faster healing.

To summarize:

  • Massage turns on genes that help muscles heal
  • Massage turns off genes associated with inflammation

If you beat on your body in sports or at the gym you should definitely be making regular massage a part of your post-exercise recovery routine.  And nothing fuels you through a workout like knowing you will be enjoying a massage after all your hard work!


A Clarification & A Confession of Sorts


We are in the process of re-branding our website, and we will soon be debuting some new business cards.  There wasn’t a whole lot wrong with the old ones, except for the fact nobody knew what the heck “Integrated Manual Therapy” meant.  Point well taken, and the adjustments are being made.  In an effort to distinguish ourselves from the “massage mills” we used a term that, although it exists within the massage professional community, most clients don’t get it at all. 

Now that we are Game On Therapeutix Golf & Tennis Orthopedic Massage, I think it better explains not only the scope of our practice, but our typical client as well. So does that mean no baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, skiing or snowboarding athletes? Or someone who is not athletic as all? Of course not, we treat everyone!  But we specialize in treating golfers and tennis players, and have made it a point to educate ourselves to that end. So where is the confession part, you ask? Well here goes…we purposefully avoided the term “massage”, because we were afraid you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a “massage mill” massage and what we do here.  You have proven us wrong with your praise and patronage.  And for that, we are ever grateful!

In addition, we will be adding a QR code to our new business cards which will link to this blog.  Originally the idea was to link the QR code to a page that would only display a QR quote of the day (or week, depending upon my level of ambition).  But after encountering some tech difficulties, and realizing how much people like quotes, we have decided to integrate the QR quotes into the blog page.  So occasionally, the blog post will just be a quote instead of a full-fledged blog post.  Some will be relevant, and some will be irrelevant, and some will be irreverent; but hopefully they will all be funny and/or useful.  We hope you like the changes!

Certified Tennis Performance Trainer!


Tennis Designation Awarded to Game On Therapeutix Owner

Atlanta, GA (USA) – January 30, 2014 – The International Tennis Performance Association (iTPA) announced that Stephanie Moniuk, of Game On Therapeutix at the Woburn Racquet Club in Woburn, Massachusetts achieved iTPA’s Tennis Performance Trainer designation by passing a 14-competency based educational curriculum. TPT is the level 1 certification, and focuses on evidence-based tennis-specific training research provided in a practical manner which builds knowledge and skills when working with tennis players of all ages. The iTPA is the worldwide education and certification organization for trainers, coaches and specialists who are passionate about tennis-specific performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Through quality, evidence-based education overseen by a Certification Commission comprised of world leading experts, the iTPA offers three levels of tennis-specific certification: Tennis Performance Trainer, Certified Tennis Performance Specialist and Master Tennis Performance Specialist. The educational curriculum is competency based, which ensures individuals who become certified have the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively train tennis athletes at all levels of the game. “Stephanie has taken an important step in her career as a tennis performance specialist and has shown her dedication to tennis-specific knowledge, expertise & continuing education,” said Dr. Mark Kovacs, Ph.D., FACSM, FITPA, CTPS, CSCS*D, the iTPA Executive Director. “Training tennis players requires specific knowledge about the unique movements and demands of tennis which is different to most other sports, and the iTPA has the role of bringing the most credible information, backed by science, to educate and certify individuals who work on improving physical performance and/or preventing injuries.”

Certified individuals such as Stephanie have exclusive access to The iTPA Inner Circle Member Only Website, which includes updated tennis-specific articles, information, webinars, videos and more. They also must maintain 50 Continuing Professional Education credits every 2 years. The iTPA is online at, and

About International Tennis Performance Association (iTPA):
The iTPA is the worldwide education and certification organization for trainers, coaches and specialists who are passionate about tennis-specific performance enhancement and injury prevention. The education company offers a professional training and education process that establishes recognition through 3 certifications: Tennis Performance Trainer (TPT), Certified Tennis Performance Specialist (CTPS) and Master Tennis Performance Specialist (MTPS). The certification materials are overseen by the iTPA Certification Commission consisting of world experts in improving tennis performance and reducing injuries; visit the iTPA website at

About Game On Therapeutix:
Game On Therapeutix Integrated Manual Therapy is an innovative form of massage therapy that combines techniques from various manual therapies and integrates them into a treatment protocol specific to client need.
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