A Clarification & A Confession of Sorts


We are in the process of re-branding our website, and we will soon be debuting some new business cards.  There wasn’t a whole lot wrong with the old ones, except for the fact nobody knew what the heck “Integrated Manual Therapy” meant.  Point well taken, and the adjustments are being made.  In an effort to distinguish ourselves from the “massage mills” we used a term that, although it exists within the massage professional community, most clients don’t get it at all. 

Now that we are Game On Therapeutix Golf & Tennis Orthopedic Massage, I think it better explains not only the scope of our practice, but our typical client as well. So does that mean no baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, skiing or snowboarding athletes? Or someone who is not athletic as all? Of course not, we treat everyone!  But we specialize in treating golfers and tennis players, and have made it a point to educate ourselves to that end. So where is the confession part, you ask? Well here goes…we purposefully avoided the term “massage”, because we were afraid you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a “massage mill” massage and what we do here.  You have proven us wrong with your praise and patronage.  And for that, we are ever grateful!

In addition, we will be adding a QR code to our new business cards which will link to this blog.  Originally the idea was to link the QR code to a page that would only display a QR quote of the day (or week, depending upon my level of ambition).  But after encountering some tech difficulties, and realizing how much people like quotes, we have decided to integrate the QR quotes into the blog page.  So occasionally, the blog post will just be a quote instead of a full-fledged blog post.  Some will be relevant, and some will be irrelevant, and some will be irreverent; but hopefully they will all be funny and/or useful.  We hope you like the changes!