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Sports Recovery ::  Injury Treatment :: Pain Relief
For athletes, wanna be athletes and everyone in between – get off the physical therapy and cortisone shot merry-go-round.  Eclectic and ever-evolving, our clinical approach utilizes a dynamic combination of advanced manual skills, myofascial decompression, modern cupping methods, orthopedic assessments and functional screening.  We prevent and treat injuries, help you avoid shots and surgery and improve your sports performance.

TPI Assessment & Treatment :: ITPA Assessment & Treatment
For golf and tennis athletes – with specialized training from both the Titleist Performace Institute and the International Tennis Performance Association, we can identify and treat the physical limitations holding you back from playing your best game.

Muscle Building :: Muscle Sculpting :: Show Prep
For bodybuilders, powerlifters and fitness competitors – grow and show the best possible version of yourself.  Our modern cupping methods and vacuum therapy treatments will help you train harder, build bigger muscles and show more definition.  Off and on-site show prep is available for last minute muscle detailing before you hit the stage.

Body Contouring :: Facial Rejuvenation :: Aesthetics
For anyone who wants to look better without surgery – smooth your cellulite, boost your booty or freshen up your face with our modern cupping methods and vacuum therapy treatments.